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As a parent, you have your child’s best interests at heart, enrolling him/her in a good school, participating in extra-curricular activities such as football, cricket, plays and cultural events

However, parents frequently miss out on the most important aspect of the child’s growth. nutrition

Children often avoid eating their tiffin, as their food becomes dry and cold Hence the children are exhausted and hungry by the end of a long school day and tend to overeat when they return home.

Nutritious, wholesome and regular meals enable children to study better and enjoy the extra curricular activities, leading to an overall development.

Benefits of School Meals

A well balanced and nutritious meal during the breakfast and lunch break.

Bond with friends, fellow students and faculty over meals.

Teach children about food and dining etiquette.

Studies have shown that children who eat meals on regular basis are less likely to be overweight.

Why do we need Micronutrients?

•Soluble fiber helps to maintain blood sugar level while insoluble fiber promotes the movement of material through your digestive system.

• Fewer calories for the same amount of food! Both types of fiber make you feel full without adding a lot of calories or fat.

Foods rich in Fiber – cauliflower, cabbage and leafy greens, carrots etc.


Protein is the building block of our body and provides nutrients for muscles, organs, skin and hair. Our body’s defenses only function to the best of their ability with protein. It is particularly essential to have protein rich foods for a growing child.

Foods rich in protein- milk and milk products, green peas, Leans, lentils, nuts etc.


• Carbohydrates are the energy producing engines in our food and should form the greatest part of our diet. Carbohydrates help to keep us at our peak performance, full of life and able to concentrate well.

• Not all carbohydrates are the same – Simple carbohydrates like Sugar are rapidly absorbed by the body, and give an instant boost to improve our concentration. Foods rich in Carbohydrates-rice, chapatti, corn and potatoes.


• Despite its bad image, fat has many important functions in our body. fat stores and provides energy when food intake is limited, and ids in the absorption of vitamins A, D and E.

• Fat protects our vital organs from physical shock and preserve body heat. Foods providing healthy fat-coconuts, yoghurt etc.

Popular Dishes

Corn Potato Cuttlet
2 Patty(80gm)


Carbs- 17.4gm

Fiber- 1.6gm

Fats- 12.2gm


Oats with Vegetables
1 Bowl(130gm)

Protein- 2.5gm

Carbs- 11.1gm

Fiber- 2.4gm

Fat- 3.8gm

Energy- 88cal

Mixed Fruit Bowl
1 Bowl(193gm)

Protein- 1.3gm

Fat- 0.6gm

Carbs- 19.5gm

Fiber- 5.0gm

Energy- 84cal

Vegan Menu
1 Bowl



Carbs –



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Dt. Arpita Jain has worked with many clients residing internationally and nationally, helping them achieve their targets. She emphasizes eating wholesome and nutritious foods. Her meal plans blend traditional food culture and modern Nutritional science.

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