A nutri-meal is a carefully designed nutritious meal, which will provide just the right amount of nutrients for every child. We have a dedicated team of nutritionists to help us design a balanced meal that contains fibre, protein, carbohydrates and healthy fat.

Yes! Our chefs are happy to prepare delicious and healthy meals for students opting for the Jain meal option. Providing this option is subject to a minimum quantity per location.

Firstly, we consider that Pav Bhaji is a meal, and not a snack or junk food. Incorporating seasonal mixed vegetables, limiting the use of potatoes and avoiding excessive butter, our chefs work their magic to bring a healthy and tasty Pav bhaji meal to every student’s plate.

Stir-frying is an excellent way to prepare a healthy meal. It encourages vegetable consumption and requires very little fat to get a delicious result. A small amount of oil is used at high temperatures to quickly sear the food. Additional ingredients such as low salt soya sauce and garlic are used to add an amazing flavor to the food.

Yes! Our kitchen has been designed based on FSSAI guidelines. We have routine checks to ensure that proper safety and standards are in place.

Food will be transported in food grade containers in specially designed trucks. The staff will then serve the food in food grade plates.

Meal timings will be based on the school’s schedule, and these details will be available with the school office.

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